hello i am jan bulis a hockey player i blog now please to read thank you

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

i sex with harlot

i make many moneys with the hockey
i spend on chocolate my favorite cat slobodan and my car it is a yugo
but i am become bored with many moneys
i go to eastside town-down of vancouver city
i make find harlot
she saids to me "hello you are handsome want sex yes please?"
i say yes because jan bulis is like sex
so i make sex with her, in bum. she say "i like it like a dog likes it".
i make splat on harlot face.
she say "thank you jan bulis for sex and for money"
i ask what your name is harlot
she say "cara"
i like name cara, is with "c" or with "k"?
but she walks out then
i like sex with harlot
i am jan bulis


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