hello i am jan bulis a hockey player i blog now please to read thank you

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

i say now how i like my canucks friends

roberty luonga - he is cool! good goalie so good
mikael norana - he is finnish so poop! becuse i am hate finland people
mathew ohlun - he is good defensemen becuse he makes good defensing
willi mitchell - good d-men! he play hard - not soft becsue soft is being the opposite of hard
luke kryczech - i like because czech is in name and i also am from the czech republic too
sam sali - good but finish so poop! i am hate finland
markas naslind - he is being good! so good!
brennan morryson - i am not know him
jan bulis - he is being the best, LOL. do you getting it because i referred mysefl
i forget other players
thank you i am jan bulis


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