hello i am jan bulis a hockey player i blog now please to read thank you

Friday, August 18, 2006

evgeni malkin my friend he make run away

is bad because he run away from the russia but he is run from in finland, from russia! russia make angry people, evgeni make russia people more angry make! is remind me of when i make run away from my home because slobodan my favorite cat make dirt on my bed. i am angry like russia! i run away, is just last week only! i come back today, slobodan make dirt everywhere! slobodan is my favorite cat still but he make dirt too much, i love slobodan! is my favorite cat.
i am jan bulis

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

my cat slobodan makes smelly air from anus!

i am now hide in corner of my big room because my favorite cat slobodan make smelly air from anus! very smelly air! i do not like!
the corner even makes smell because smelly air from slobodan my favorite cat! please to help me! make phone the police to give me mask for gas! slobodan makes smell again!
i am jan bulis! help!

my friend martin rucinsky he play for saint lewis now

he was freedom agent and he signatures with saint lewis. they are blue.
he is from czech also like me jan bulis.
also slobodan my favorite cat is from czech republic. i like slobodan my favorite cat more than rucinsky he is my friend too also though.
i play against him from vancouver canucks maybe i score goal and also he score goal too
would be fun i like to scoring goals
i am jan bulis

i sex with harlot

i make many moneys with the hockey
i spend on chocolate my favorite cat slobodan and my car it is a yugo
but i am become bored with many moneys
i go to eastside town-down of vancouver city
i make find harlot
she saids to me "hello you are handsome want sex yes please?"
i say yes because jan bulis is like sex
so i make sex with her, in bum. she say "i like it like a dog likes it".
i make splat on harlot face.
she say "thank you jan bulis for sex and for money"
i ask what your name is harlot
she say "cara"
i like name cara, is with "c" or with "k"?
but she walks out then
i like sex with harlot
i am jan bulis

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

i do not understanding this joke

"why is helen keller a bad driver? because she is a woman!"
i do not make understand because helen keller is no-sight? no eyes? how do you say... blinde?
answer should be "because she has no sight."
why is funny though?

i make pictures of myself playing the hockey
one is when i goal score i make celebrate
one is i am on glass because i am hit there
one is game i score 4 goals in phillydelphia. robert esche is goalie but he is bad goalie.
one is my cat favorite slobodan. he lie down. tired from mouse eating! LOL
one i find sandwich cartoon picture
i am jan bulis

i say now how i like my canucks friends

roberty luonga - he is cool! good goalie so good
mikael norana - he is finnish so poop! becuse i am hate finland people
mathew ohlun - he is good defensemen becuse he makes good defensing
willi mitchell - good d-men! he play hard - not soft becsue soft is being the opposite of hard
luke kryczech - i like because czech is in name and i also am from the czech republic too
sam sali - good but finish so poop! i am hate finland
markas naslind - he is being good! so good!
brennan morryson - i am not know him
jan bulis - he is being the best, LOL. do you getting it because i referred mysefl
i forget other players
thank you i am jan bulis