hello i am jan bulis a hockey player i blog now please to read thank you

Monday, July 31, 2006

i make introduction now

hello, my name is jan bulis, and i recently have made signature to play for the canucks of vancouver city. i play hockey good, because I am jan bulis. I live from czech republic, also a nice place like vancouver which also is a nice place. i play in montreal before i play in vancouver city but i think i am liking vancouver better because i have dislike for frank-phones. i am welcoming you to my blog! please to stay and read, I think you will be enjoying my blog. in czech republic, they have no word for blog. that is one of reasons why i love english! blog is the word that is my favorite in english. i have fun playing for vancouver canucks i hope, maybe i play with markas nasland or the senid twins perhaps?
lol, i might be making you bored! many apologies if i am making you bored! please to forgive me.
jan bulis interests:
favorite candy: any chocolate, lol! chocolate is being my favorite. also peppermint.
favorite car: my yugo. it runs good still!
favorite animal: cat. my cat is called Slobodan. he is obedient and trustworthy, because he is my cat Slobodan.
favorite city: now is vancouver city because i am playing hockey in vancouver!

okay i make more blog later but now i eat chocolate and play with Slobodan
please to come back because i make better blog later
chocolate and slobodan now
good bye


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